Words always matter …

speech(Image: Lauren Walker / Truthout)

This is a powerful first paragraph to an article at truthout.org. For some, like the KKK-speakers who usurp any opportunity to spew alt-right-like rhetoric, it seeps a given, or stolen, right.

But …

“Words always matter, but they often matter more when the odds are already against you. The freedom to express oneself is supposed to be protectively enshrined in the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. However, for some people this ideal has always been slippery. The freedom to speak our minds can easily transform into the freedom to be pursued by the authorities, surveilled and detained. Depending on who the speaker is, our society dictates what speech is and isn’t acceptable. No matter where you look on the political spectrum, you’ll find people claiming to cherish freedom of speech and also claiming to be persecuted for their right to express it. Through time, we have seen how this ideal has been strategically levied against certain people in this society.”

This article, “Speech Is Never Free in a World of Racist Surveillance and Repression”,  is worth reading, too.

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