Monday’s news items [jeffed up?; days before D-Day; summer mucic & more] – 6/4/2018

Can you imagine? | On this day in 1944, Columbia’s Ray Wallace, a paratrooper with the 82 Airborne Division’s 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment, was  in England. In less that two days, he’d be part of the Normandy – D-Day Invasion of France: “In June 1944, the SHAEF decided to drop both the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions simultaneously into Normandy. The 501st PIR (less 3rd Battalion) took off for their first combat jump from Merryfield Airport at 2245hrs, 5 June 1944. The 3rd Battalion was to depart at the same time from Welford. All units were to fly across the English Channel and drop into Normandy, five hours prior to the seaborne landing. The 501st drop zones were north and east of the town of Carentan. Two battalions were to seize key canal locks at La Barquette and destroy the bridges over the Douve River, while the third battalion was in division reserve.”

Yesterday | “Tracing the same route over the English Channel and over the fields and dense hedgerows of coastal Normandy, hundreds of NATO paratroopers paid tribute to jumps by the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions on the ‘Day of Days,’ June 6th, 1944.”

handicapA few days ago, we asked “Wonder whether there’s a database with all the ‘RESERVED PARKING’ signage – supposedly for persons with a disability – in Columbia?”

Turns out there is … or there is supposed to be. Turns out the borough ordinance on Handicapped Parking states, “The Borough Manager or his or her designee shall at all times keep a written list of all handicapped parking spaces reserved in the Borough of Columbia and shall promptly update such list each time a new space is reserved or repealed.”


That’d be well and good if the borough manager’s designee was someone who followed the codes and ordinances. In too many instances, that person “Jeffs up” by having interpretations based on who the person(s) is(are).

It’s really critical to read the ordinance on Handicapped Parking; because there are so many interesting segments:

  1. “It shall be unlawful and a violation hereof for any person to knowingly and willfully make a false statement to any public official for purposes of obtaining a handicapped parking space.” Wonder whether it’s equally unlawful for the public official to make a false statement to any person?
  2. “The Code Enforcement Officer or his designee shall review all requests submitted for reservation of a handicapped parking space and shall submit to the Borough Manager a recommendation regarding each request.” Wonder how often this is Jeffed up?
  3. “The Code Enforcement Officer shall, in writing, notify the adjacent property owners that an application has been submitted and that they can submit to the Borough Manager, in writing, their support or opposition to the request. The notice shall set forth the date and time by which such written support or objection must be received by the Borough Manager. Wonder how often this is Jeffed up?
  4. “Any applicant wishing to reserve a handicapped parking space on any street within the Borough upon which public parking is currently permitted shall submit a written request to the Borough Manager.” Wonder whether that always happens?
  5. “A description of the physical impairment of the resident, a statement as to whether the impairment is permanent or temporary (if temporary, a detailed statement of the anticipated term of the impairment) and whether a device such as wheelchair, crutches or walker is used by such resident for locomotion. The applicant shall supply with the written request proof of the resident’s asserted medical disability from a medical doctor, doctor of osteopathy or doctor of podiatry medicine (collectively, “physician”). The physician’s statement must be signed by the resident’s physician, must not be issued more than six months prior to the date of the written request and must specifically set forth the nature of the impairment, how the impairment limits the resident’s mobility and the estimated duration of the resident’s impairment.” Wonder whether PennDOT’s Persons with Disabilities Parking Placards stipulations are considered?

Sick fish | virus killed the Susquehanna River’s smallmouth bassLancaster Online

If summer weather ever arrives, there’s great music options for those of us lucky enough to live mid-way between York and Lancaster.

springhettsburySpringhettsbury Township Parks Summer Series is Sunday and Wednesday evenings beginning June 10.

long park musicLancaster’s Long’s Park Summer Music Series is Sunday evenings – the first was last night.

Ah, crap | “Colonoscopies lead to way more infections than experts thought”Futurity

So is there another housing bubble? | “‘Who knows?’ says Chris Farrell, a Marketplace senior economics contributor. But what we do know is that there are a lot of good reasons to justify the high prices in the market right now. ‘So you have very low inventory. And the leading edge of the millennial generation — they’re getting older, they’re starting to look at home ownership. You have low unemployment. … And there’s a rise in interest rates. You know, people going, “Hey, maybe rates are going to go higher, maybe I should buy now.” So the economic fundamentals explain high prices.’” – MarketPlace

one mans collectionAmerican Treasures – at the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors’ (NAWCC) in July.


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