Sunday’s news items, part 2 [come to meetings; heating up; different justice for the wealthy white crooks & more] – 6/17/2018

“Citizens’ Comments, Part 2: The $650,000 hotel grant” The Columbia Spy


Every one, not just home owners … as this comment to this Columbia Spy article encourages:

“every taxpaying homeowner can and should attend the monthly finance meetings, the boro council meetings, property, planning, zoning, etc. or get a small group to take turns attending to keep council on their toes. (not likely!) you can request any information by submitting a right to know request…they have 5 days to gather the info. please continue to attend meetings, shake council up, ask questions, demand real answers. columbia is on the move, the downtown is really coming alive…we do have Don Murphy to thank along with the owners of Kettle Works, Rocky’s, the Antique shoppes, Jonel, Garth and all the art galleries, dog grooming, glass blowing, Andy’s, Union Station, Columbia Pizza, Stovers, Shupp’s, Boys and Girls Club, etc etc etc.”

“Populations also are declining in more than 75 percent of boroughs” |  According to this WITF article: “Pa.’s population increase in 2017 was the most dramatic in five years.”

Heating up today for a Monday with “Heat index values as high as 100.”National Weather Service

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Is it? | “‘America is better than this’: What a doctor saw in a Texas shelter for migrant children” The Washington Post

The po’ boy | Spending like a drunken sailor on shore leaveThe Washington Post

Jailtime is different | Rich man’s jail timeThe Washington Post

“July 4 is not our independence day. Juneteenth is our independence day.”Juneteenth, June 19.


Another billionaire newspaper owner The Los Angeles Times

Ironic — there a Chinese billionaire doctor in the novel “2030: The Real Story of What Happens to America.”

“If Trump owned a newspaper, it would be called The Daily Trump and he would have a front-page column”Michael D’Antonio

OPINION | “Why does Trump hate on Jeff Bezos: is it about power or money?” The Guardian

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  1. Whatever the reason for hating on Bozo, I’m all in. Amazon is a predator. Their actions are monopolistic. Apple made more Profit in the last quarter than Amazon has made since its founding. Operating at a loss or break even for year after year to increase market share is a classic example of monopolistic practice. Owning one of the nations largest newspapers to boot, is repugnant. Let’s hope their day of reckoning is at hand.

    In other news, a Boston Globe columnist was caught lying. (Correction; there were inconsistencies in his statements; only Trump lies.) So he is suspended for a couple of months and still the media can’t figure out why they are seen so negatively. Fire his butt like they did Bryan Williams

    • Got our full support on the Boston Globe writer’s lies. Speak truth.

      On Jeff Bezos, though, let us throw in another thought. Maybe T-Rump is upset because Bezos didn’t have a silver spoon start in life. This is his story:

      Jealousy may be rearing its ugly head! Filled with dyed blonde, so friggin’ out-of date tresses.

      But, Mr. D, we revel in your ideas and thoughts. Thank you.

  2. Another take on the Trump-Bozo story. In 2020 Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren will make lots of noise about the one percent. Trump will put a face on it (Bozo, Zuckerberg). Who wins?

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