Monday’s news items [Mayflies; problem-solvers; reaching aging veterans; River rescue & more] – 6/18/2018

mayfly story

Messing with Mother Nature | “Officials looking for long-term solution to Columbia-Wrightsville bridge mayfly problem”FOX 43-TV

WEBINAR: Monday, June 25, 20183:00pm to 4:00pm EDT | “Reaching Aging Veterans in Need of Benefits” – The National Council on Aging is hosting a webinar focused on connecting older veterans with needed resources and benefits. This webinar will address the common communication problem that occurs as a result of veterans unfamiliar with the landscape of non-military related benefits and aging and disability counselors unfamiliar with the network of veteran benefits. The webinar will describe the three branches of the Veterans Administration (VA) and outline the benefits connected to each branch. It will also discuss various strategies to screen and connect aging veterans to benefits and other supports.

veterans creed“The Veteran’s Creed is a grass-roots effort, which has been endorsed by many of the national veterans service organizations. Organizers behind the project said their goal was to provide a rallying idea for the larger veterans community, which they believe is needed given the disconnect many veterans feel with their communities upon leaving the military.

“‘It can serve as a unifying concept to remind veterans of the value of their military service, to inspire veterans to continue to serve and lead at local, state and national levels, and to push them to continue to excel,’ said retired Gen. George Casey, former chief of staff of the Army and one of the leaders of the effort.”

“Family of four rescued after canoe capsizes in Susquehanna River”Lancaster Online

river response

Yup! “focus on navigating — not obstructing — our path forward.” | “Problem Solvers Caucus parent group was behind $277K in super-PAC spending for U.S. Rep. Lloyd Smucker and $3 million for others”Lancaster Online

Pennsylvania Downtown Center Announces 2018 Townie Award Winners” BCTV

The Historical Architectural Review Board of the Borough of Columbia will meet at 7 p.m. Wednesday, June 20, in council chambers of the borough offices, 308 Locust St., Columbia. Agenda items include:

  • 226 Maple St.; David R. Shenberger, owner. Replace wooden decking on a front porch with a concrete base. Replace wooden porch railings with new wooden or wroughtiron railings.
  • 22 S. Second St.; Cleon G. Berntheizel, owner. Install new wrought-iron handrails on concrete entry steps at a commercial doorway.
  • 29 N. Fourth St.; Shawn and Lisa Loucks, owners; Toss Dough LLC, applicant; Yohe Architecture & Design, architects. Replace an overhead garage door with new construction to include fixed wall panels, operable doors and windows.”

Frankly brutal or brutally frank? letter | This LNP – Always Lancaster’s letter-to-the-editor writer’s candid comments:

“Well, there you have it, doomsday: the June 10 Sunday LNP editorial “A potential crushing blow.”

LNP is upset about buying expensive American paper from an American manufacturer with American workers, providing American jobs, all who pay taxes in the U.S.

As suggested in the editorial, print a paper every other day, who cares? Print is dead. I tell people all the time, if you are a Democrat, have a third-grade education and receive welfare, you probably like LNP and WGAL. So good for NORPAC and the Trump administration. LNP is already taxpayersubsidized every time a legal notice advertisement is printed in the paper; that is paid for directly or indirectly by taxpayers.

By today’s standards, this is a prehistoric method of getting the message out. LNP goes on to say how it made critical changes in an effort to remain a part of the lives of the community it serves. Really? What about the other 50 percent you alienate who voted for President Donald Trump?

Wayne E. Beaner East Lampeter Township

Yep, let’s knock out those legal ads! Let’s close down those presses! Let’s have despotic rule! But notice he takes to the printed “letters-to-the-editor” to rant. WTF?


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