Thursday’s news items [confusion at many levels; turnabout; Wrightsville drops its police department] – 6/21/2018

confused 2

Confused? We, too. | By the page one notice at the Borough Website: “New Traffic Pattern on Commerce St and Rotary Ave” that was not issued at the recent Borough Council meeting.

We could not locate any agenda item about this at any of the committee meetings either. Nor could we locate the proposed agenda for tonight’s Community Development committee meeting.

But some may have read this email notice from the Borough that narrates narrates the unilateral decision.

traffic flow email

Deep division in the USA and here | Comments as these: “Hundreds of sheep gathered because of the media…. ” — “why did people not protest this loudly when law was enacted and then acted upon by the last two presidents … ” — “The phrase “useful idiots” comes to mind. No words about the unhinged left … ” follow this Lancaster Online article about yesterday’s protest in front of US Representative’s Lancaster office.

two one ways

It is not a simple decision | “Trump backs down on migrant family separations policy”BBC

“PUC Releases Summer Readiness Reports from Electric Utilities; Encourages Homeowners, Businesses & Local Governments to Maintain Trees”news release

Pay less – get more | Wrightsville discontinues it police department; consolidates for better service and lowered cost. FOX43-TV

Only 35.6% of Americans correctly estimated the federal minimum wage was $7.25. The average guess was $8.09.”

District-Comprehensive-Plan-2017_18-2er2tt4“Every school district and area vocational-technical schools is required to develop a District Comprehensive Plan and file it with the Department of Education. This replaces the former Strategic Plans that were developed by school districts.”  –  Columbia Borough Website

“commitment to improve school safety”“Pennsylvania budget plan includes more for schools, safety”Lancaster Online



  1. If we didn’t replace the strategic plan with a comprehensive plan, which in a few years, will need to be replaced with a comprehensive strategy, a lot of administrators would be out of a job.

  2. Here’s our thought. Make sure that the only ones on any planning team are not the “usual suspects.”
    New teammates bring new thoughts.

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