Saturday’s news items [Craft show; excessive force? & more on the last day of June – 6/30/2018


“JUST PLAIN HOT, start of a heat wave this weekend into next week” FOX43-TV

Struggling to stay “middle class.” | “Why can’t I make ends meet? Why can’t I make this math work?”MarketPlace

Bully! Meet Bully. | “GM says new Trump auto tariffs threaten American jobs”The Washington Post

bad service

The McDonald’s just outside town is catching flack again with this post and a bunch of comments at a local facebook page: “Anyone else out at McDonald’s in the passed hour or so and sat for 20 minutes? That was ridiculous..i sat for 27 for a mcdouble and large fry and the fries were old and half cold!! Not sure what was going on but that was beyond ridiculous.”

What’s reasonable on the “continuum of force” | “More than 200 rally to protest Lancaster police Taser use” Lancaster Online

“‘They do not feel alone anymore’ | Why critics of the media feel emboldened under Trump”ABC News

For Local Newspapers, Angry Readers Are a Given. But Killings Send Shivers.” The New York Times

It’s Columbia Antique, Art & Craft Show day in Downtown ColumbiaFestival Net

roses open

Rose’s Deli and More – 13 N. 4th Street. Columbia, PA 17512 – (717) 684 – 0285

Really? | “On Wednesday, US Representative Lloyd Smucker, the first-term Republican,  held an hour long tele-town hall at 5:05 p.m. after giving about three-and-a-half hours’ notice on Facebook and Twitter.” – Lancaster Online

Scams persist | From the POLICE LOG in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster: “MANHEIM TWP.: A person transferred $500 to a person claiming to be from the IRS June 27 in the 500 block of Hedgerow Lane.

And this is in the POLICE LOG, too, well, what can you say? | “MANOR TWP.: Kenneth Alan Smith, 31, of Lancaster, was charged after an 8:40 a.m. incident June 24 in the 900 block of West Fairway Drive, during which Smith was walking naked around an apartment complex with his genitals exposed, police reported.”



marietta fireworks




  1. It was Obama that first vilified Fox News and Talk Radio. Obama was also the first politician to use the term fake news. Google for it; or maybe not. It was a Google funded think tank/ research group that created the term.

  2. We remember Obama’s boycotting of FOX News, until he had a sort of awakening around 2008. Mr. D., we both know that adversarial tones have been part of presidential/press relationships for a long time.

    Here’s one DuckDuckGo search about FAKE NEWS ( Google is not the only search engine, and there are those who maintain that Google is not always objective.

    And this RWNJ media source claims Trump isn’t the first president to threaten media ( But this paragraph in the article rings true:

    “It would be ideal for the president to tell the truth all the time. But historically, and given human nature (especially when a person has immense power), that’s simply not the case. Presidents are going to wage war against the press. Instead of whining about it, labeling it ‘unprecedented,’ or calling for media solidarity, journalists should do their jobs—not in the name of social justice or personal pride, but in the name of truth on behalf of the American people.”

    • So Trump is doing his job (lying) just as his predecessors did. On the other hand, large parts of the media have abandoned theirs (reporting truth).

      As to fake news, Sharyl Atkinson attributes the first use to a group called First Draft (Google funded) in September 2016. The article you refer to, as best as I can tell, attributes first usage to November.

      It is rather troubling that Google, Facebook and other mainstream players seek to make themselves the arbiter of truth. Fact Check dot org is the absolute worse, may they be plagued by tickelish nose hairs even in eternity where they shall have no scissors.

  3. As always, you make excellent points. And your representation is a nifty verbal picture. Though we don’t concur, we defend your right to differ. And we appreciate your thoughtful insight; so much so that there’s be a piece in Sunday’s news items post.

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