Sunday’s news items [teen suicide; what to believe?] – 7/1/2018

opioid gparentsSOURCE: “An illustrated look: The opioid epidemic by the numbers.” Though this report focuses on Pittsburgh and Allegheny County, much of the the information in this Public Source article can be universally interpreted statewide and nationwide.

Marietta’s fireworks | “100 percent funded by the Marietta community.” Lancaster Online

fragile livesLNP – Always Lancaster’s cover story is about the tragedy of teen suicide. Teen Suicide Rates Are Rising.” – Governing

An NPR report says teen suicide is linked to smart phone use.


What to believe | Reader and commenter Al Dodson asks and educates us about FAKE NEWS. We believe that truth is “a statement about the way the world actually is” as described in this article. But as Mr. Dodson implies, that statement can be colored by perception or the premise that not everyone sees the way the world actually is from the same perspective.

So, as in choosing friends, elected public servants or truth, people will believe and accept as truth that which seems logical, acceptable and ethical according to their own morés (the essential or characteristic customs and conventions of a community). We are not philosophers, but for those who want to delve deeper into truth, we offer this article from Philosophy News.

fake news

Though as Mr. Dodson states, google is transparent in stating it funded First Draft, we believe the intent, “To enhance public understanding of the scope, nature and composition of misinformation, generate lists of actors and sources making up misinformation ecosystems and equip students, journalists, researchers and activists with techniques to trace these phenomena using leading digital tools and methods,” makes sense.

Reveal states: “First Draft News, an initiative funded by Google News Lab, has been in operation since mid-2015. Some of its aims have been to portray the state of affairs in social newsgathering, provide training resources and pool all this on the project website – launched in November 2015.”

Reveal‘s Roadmap to the truth

September 2011Columbia news, views & reviews: Warning: your journalism may contain deception, inaccuracies and a hidden agenda.”

March 2012Columbia news, views & reviews: “Additionally, we try to subscribe to the Journalist’s Creed (The Journalist’s Creed was written [around 1906] by the first dean of the Missouri School of Journalism, Walter Williams.” From this post: “Rumors divide and ‘deja vu all over again’.”

Here are a few more sides of truth; which do you believe?

BudgetLogo2Lloyd Smucker’s truth about the Budget for a Brighter American Future”

budget deficitThe Congressional Budget Office‘s “Budget and Economic Outlook: 2018 to 2028”




  1. C’mon Brian. All journalism contains deception, disguised truth, and personal agendas. Even the local ones, not just the Washington Post et al.

  2. This comment comes from the council president who recently (at a public meeting) said, “We’re trying to be, maybe, too transparent.” “TOO” that I say, this is why we need to watch you.

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