More Monday news items, part 2 [in-lieu-of-taxes; letters & more] – 7/2/2018

Hit them where it hurts! | “Giant suspends advertising with abc27”Central Penn Business Journal – [“‘Following recent allegations against ABC 27’s general manager, GIANT Food Stores has decided to temporarily suspend our advertising with the station until the matter is appropriately resolved. We are fully committed to supporting fair and safe workplace environments,’ the statement said.”]

letter to editor

Here’s a letter-to-the-editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster: “Can’t trust liberals.” What’s truth from an evangelical perspective?

Another letter writer chastises Suucker …smucker letter

Mountville gets it! | This is in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster‘s MUNICIPAL BRIEFS: “Meeting agenda deadline: Council President Lenny Heisey asked that information on matters to be addressed by council be submitted by noon on the Thursday preceding council meetings, which are normally held the second and fourth Mondays of each month. The purpose of an agenda is so the public can attend and participate in issues that matter to them.”

In the same MUNICIPAL BRIEFS, Lititz is wrestling with the drop in revenues that have happened since a for-profit hospital was acquired by a not-for-profit hospital. The immediate impact is halving but UPMC Pinnacle Lititz is at least being a good-gesture citizen by promising “in lieu of taxes” contributions. Wouldn’t it be great if Columbia’s not-for-profits would be making “in-lieu-of-taxes” payments to support Columbia’s revenue stream? Especially those clubs masquerading as not-for-profits and competing with for profit business endeavors.

Lititz is about to be doubly-hit as Penn Medicine | Lancaster General Health (a not-for-profit entity) taking over the former Susquehanna Bank property (a for-profit entity).

This is from an August 2016 Columbia news, views & reviews post:

How many of Columbia’s non-profits make “in-lieu-of” payments to the Borough for public services?

The Borough responded to our “right to know” request and provided a list of four of the up to 100 or so registered non-profits.

These four contributed a total of $12,150 in 2015.

in lieu of

Each year the borough office sends this notice to the registered non-profits to encourage them to consider an “in lieu of taxes” contribution.

fair share letterClick on the above illustration to view in a larger format.

non-profits across the county contend they provide significant services that benefit persons in the communities they exist. Many citizen tax payers, however, are burdened with increasing tax payments for services.”

“Recovery houses offer serenity, a place to rebuild live” Penn Live

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