“scenes seen” at tonight’s Barnstormers game

BEFORETook in a ball game this evening. Thanks to a friend whose company has corporate seats in Section 6 at Clipper Stadium, we got front row seats right behind first base. It was a really good evening diversion.

gameWe’ve always found it fun to people watch at ball games.

bronze placqueAnd walk around before the game to see what we could see.

1Gravesite flag holders mark the wars of the US – prior to the current seemingly endless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Outside the stadium.

Beer paradise.

cyloSaw Cylo.

scottTribute to the late Dick Scott. Scott was a retired US Air Force General and mayor of Lancaster. His intrepid drive led to baseball in Lancaster.

corporate seating.jpgSome of the other corporate seating in Section 6. All these seats were empty. One of these sponsored corporate seat blocks just declared bankruptcy; the other is a Columbia based not-for-profit entity.

personalizeWhat it costs to personalize those branded Field Box Seats.


One comment

  1. Corporate seating is so nice. From the photographs, it seems there were plenty of seats from which to choose. I know that you no doubt were sitting there for free, which is good. Isn’t corporate America great these days? Why look at all of those corporate advertising signs on the walls all around the stadium. See all of the customers viewing them. Wow! I guess those companies will benefit greatly from this.

    Gone are the days of stadiums with clean green walls where one could enjoy the Grand Old Game and not be distracted by corporate America. Perhaps America could be great again without these ugly signs.

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