a town with a trolley and a revitalization plan

In an email  from a state legislator, Senator David Argall, are these lines:

Pottsville also continues to re-invent itself by tackling blight and creating more opportunities for new residents to come to the city. Many efforts are being carried out by the Downtown Pottsville Strategic Revitalization Plan which has outlined a variety of goals.”

pville revitalizationClick on the graphic or here to download the plan.

Pottsville is slightly larger than Columbia and it’s got a trolley, too. The report is one that could almost be used as a template (e.g., change the names of the municipality) for revitalization anywhere.

One thing that’s new, though in this report is the inclusion of perhaps the most important ingredient, Social Capital, “The various social connections within / between community members is important. This makes the partnerships … easier and more successful.”

pottsville newsletter

Pottsville’s, too, got a newsletter for its citizens — a 16-page one — that’s supported and paid for with advertising. Pottsville, though, just announced (in the current issue) it’s discontinuing the “hold-it-in-your-hands” newsletter in favor of a an online newsletter.

pville online newsletter

The Pottsville Republican, yep, Pottsville’s got a “hold-in-in-your-hands newspaper — though it’s got an out-of-town owner — tells the plan how the town’s going to find the money to afford the revitalization plan in this article, “Pottsville revitalization goals laid out.”


  1. Years ago, one of our Pottsville friends taught us this: “It’s Pottsville on the hill and Pottstown – downtown.

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