because there are other sides to every issue

Because there are multiple sides to every issue as citizens who attended last night’s borough council meeting will attest.

There’s a petition being circulated among Columbia business operators taking issue with the mandated purchase and installation of a lockbox. Here’s the ordinance relative to that:

lock box ordinance

The Knox Rapid Entry System shows this at its Website:

knox sideNotice that Knox Box states at this Webpage, “Many fire departments using the Knox System have been successful in passing a city ordinance to help implement a public safety program for rapid entry. Knox offers guidelines and sample ordinances to help other interested departments gain ordinance approval. Guidelines include:

  • Using Knox as a Resource
  • Would a Key Box Ordinance be Helpful?
  • How to Structure an Ordinance
  • Winning Ordinance Approval

Note that by an internet search, interested citizens will learn that many municipalities across the nation make the installation of security lock boxes purely a discretionary decision by the business owner.

ordinance extract

We were unable to find any reference to KNOX BOX or LOCK BOX at the Borough Website.

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