Tuesday’s news items [council meetings here and there] – 7/10/2018


Just under two dozen citizens attended last night’s three hour and 10 minute borough council meeting. The meeting was convened by Borough Council President Kelly Murphy at 7:00 pm; all the councillors, including three junior councillors, were present as was the code enforcement manager, the borough manager, the finance manager, the mayor and the borough’s solicitor.

Included in the discussions were these topics, some of which were listed on the FINAL AGENDA for the meeting:

Knox Box Letter copy

  • The continued vandalism at Makle Park.

The proposed local ordinance that has to be advertised.

fireworks columbia0001

fireworks columbia0002

fireworks columbia0003

EDITOR’S NOTE: Columbia news, views & reviews believes the best way for citizens and community shareholders to be informed about what has happened and what is planned is to attend the monthly meetings to get first-hand information. Otherwise, any reports about what happened and what was said will be “secondary source” reporting that may include subjectivity. News media reports and pass-along recollections from one to another will only include certain aspects of actionsa and conversations. And may not always be accurate! Official minutes, too, unless audio or visually recorded will be months away.

Across the nation there are so many municipalities that provide video streaming and fully transparent chronicles of their meetings.

transparent communities

Waukee, Iowa is one example.

Maplewood, Minnesota is another.

State College, Pennsylvania is another.

West Easton, Pennsylvania is another, though this is not the official borough website. Here’s the official West Easton Website and its facebook page.

Morrisville Borough is another.




  1. The borough manager said that the position for “Administrative Assistant” was advertised. She reported that the borough received 400 applications. This should come as no surprise seeing that the starting wage is $20.35/hour. Everyone will want to work in Columbia. Out of the 400 applicants, the winner just happened to work for Susquehanna Heritage. Currently there are six administrative assistants.

  2. Can/ will she tell us where it was advertised. I didn’t see it in the Merchandiser, our local “paper.” Perhaps I missed it.

  3. The borough manager stated at the meeting the position was advertised in LNP – Always Lancaster on May 20 and at Indeed.com on May 22. It was not advertised in the more widely read Merchandiser.

    • Was it advertised on the Borough website?

      The Merchandiser may not be viewed as a “real” newspaper but it’s all we’ve got. Not advertising this position there can only be viewed as lack of imagination or contempt. Neither is acceptable.

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