Fire video is staged; the World Cup final was not

Croatian fire department releases satire PSA video

The Zagreb Fire Department in Croatia released a video that shows how firefighters had to miss Croatia’s thrilling win against Russia during the FIFA World Cup as they were called to attend to an emergency. However, the sound of an alarm forces them to jump up and attend to the emergency just seconds before Ivan Rakitic’s game-winning penalty. The now-viral video shows the firemen jumping up to grab their gear and leave the garage at the sound of the alarm. Only three remain behind to watch the penalty that sent Croatia through to the World Cup semi-finals against England – which also they won yesterday.

Zagreb FD

“The video was staged by the firefighters as an instructional video to promote safety during World Cup celebrations. ‘Careful when using torches and pyrotechnics, we can (finally) look at the fires [after the game],”‘ they wrote in the caption.”

France wins World Cup – Le Monde

La France championne du monde : suivez en direct les réactions et célébrations partout en France

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