Sunday’s news items [Library dedication, paint your pet; food serving inspections, “coffee with a cop” idea & more] 7/15/2018

columbia library opening

Saturday, July 21“Paint Your Pet- PSPCA Lancaster Center Fundraiser”Painting with a Twist, Paint Studio #276, 124 South Centerville Road, Lancaster, PA 17603 – 717.947.7864

nno plea

But they’re not staying | “More high school grads than ever are going to college, but 1 in 5 will quit” The Hechinger Report


A positive thought | Manheim Township’s “Coffee with a cop” program 


A page one article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster begins, ” … Lancaster County residents are now banned from putting the following customary items in their curbside green bins: newspaper, magazines, yogurt cups, bottle caps and cereal boxes.

The Big Four recyclables (according to the Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority): “Only the following materials can be recycled. Think of them as the “Big 4”. Everything else should be placed in your trash. If you aren’t sure, remember this phrase: “When in doubt, throw it out!” LCSWMA will transform discarded waste into renewable energy.

This includes any size material consisting of a fluted corrugated sheet, like shipping boxes, packing boxes, CLEAN pizza boxes (no grease or food remnants), etc. Flatten all boxes and remove packaging including Styrofoam, peanuts, bubble wrap and plastic liners. Do NOT put paperboard (cereal boxes, shoe boxes), newsprint or junk mail in the bin.

This includes plastic bottles, jars, jugs and anything else with a neck. Throw away the lids and rinse out any residue. All other plastic material is considered trash. Ignore the numbers, as they don’t indicate if something is recyclable. Do NOT put plastic bags, toys, buckets, packaging, Styrofoam, hosing, furniture, or other plastic items in the bin.

This includes all food and beverage cans made from aluminum or steel. Throw away the lids and rinse out any residue. Do NOT put metal hangers, cooking pots and pans or other scrap metal like foil and pie plates in the bin.

This includes clear, green and brown glass bottles and jars. Throw away the lids and rinse out any residue. Do NOT put light bulbs, dishes, glassware, window or automotive glass, vases or any other glass material in the bin.


This week’s inspections at Lancaster Online. As you read the violations in this report,  and wonder why anyone eats anything at Arooga’s — remember the JEFFed up comment uttered by Columbia’s inspector, “We’re not a community that likes outside intervention in our businesses.”

Bet Arooga’s wishes they’d opened in Columbia, instead.

York County’s Inspections

Click here to go to the state’s Website of inspections … and the listing of the violations at each location. The statewide directory lists inspections for all municipalities in York County and Lancaster County.

… except those in Columbia – Columbia persists in having its own inspection system with its own forms and inspection items – rather than the one used statewide.

“Thanks to Robert Mueller, Trump and Putin Now Have a Summit Agenda – The New Yorker

A US / China trade war | What’s that look like?WikiTribune


Names in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster‘s POLICE LOG: “MANOR TWP.: Alexis Steele, 28, of Columbia, was charged after her vehicle crashed June 10 in the 2700 block of Charlestown Road, police said. ♦ LANCASTER TWP.: Natalie D. Randler, 28, of Columbia, was charged with retail theft after she was seen stealing $69.31 worth of merchandise July 8 from Giant, 1360 Columbia Ave., police said.  

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