Thursday’s news items, part 2 [boat launch closed, drones, rainy days & more] – 7/26/2018

launch closed

Gentrification cometh (and sucketh) | first-time “en plein air” event – why could it not just be an outdoor art exhibit?

Court smacks nuns | “Court strikes blow to nuns’ pipeline fight”TheState

Hey, this is Lancaster County | NO “new protections for “sexual orientation” and “gender identity or expression”Lancaster Online

It’s what best friends do |  “Dogs’ sensitive noses may be the key to early detection of lung cancer” – The Conversation


Whether or not Columbia’s using spy drones, “the future of drones is flying ahead”WikiTribune

tiny drones

The spy devices are getting smaller and more sophisticated.

And this is what happens when Congress rolls over to banks | “Worley & Obetz’s financial wreckage: $60M more in liabilities than assets”Lancster Online

Criminal Mischief | “On July 22, 2018 at approximately 2:16 am the Columbia Borough Police Department was dispatched to the 200 Block of South 5th Street for Criminal Mischief.  Upon arrival of the officer the victim explained that between 2:00am – 2:10am someone threw a rock through his front window which knocked the TV off the stand and caused it to break.  The original cost of the TV was $1,600-$1,700 and the cost of the window is unknown at this time.   Anyone with information regarding this crime should contact the Columbia Borough Police Department at 717-684-7735 or text LANCS to 847411.” – Columbia Police Department CrimeWatch page

rainiest daysHad a chat with someone at last night’s meeting about rainy days in September. Looks like our memory is incorrect, this chart in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster about rainest days shows September has been a rainy month.

Here’s Millersville University’s month-to-date weather information.

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