Sunday’s news from other places – 8/5/2018

Yet another continuum of force issue | “South Whitehall police shooting raises questions about officer training that focuses on force” – The Morning Call

trumpSOURCE: The New Yorker

From the racist tongue | “Who’s the real dummy? A man who puts kids in classrooms or one who puts kids in cages?” – The Los Angeles Times

This is not where the people of this nation must be | “Protests again convulse Portland, Ore., as groups on the right and left face off”The Washington Post

Ah, yes … more church theft | “Former Beaverton church employee accused of stealing at least $70,000”The Oregonian

Remember this “used to be?” | “Russia just named Steven Seagal, martial artist and action movie star, a special envoy to the U.S.”The Washington Post

Another “used to be” | “inducts himself into the Hall of Fame”The Washington Post

What else can will drones do? | “Venezuela President Maduro survives ‘drone assassination attempt'”British Broadcasting Corporation

This is another despot who just loves military parades | Video

Why we read newspapers | Did you know Egypt is building a new capital? The Guardian


“Denialism | What drives people to reject the truth.” The Guardian



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