Friday’s news items, part 2 [space cadets, scams, tax list, summer treats & more] – 8/10/2018

Columbia would win big | “School funding would undergo seismic shift under new House bill cosponsored by Mike Sturla”Lancaster Online

One of two perfect “space cadets” who could announce this | In a speech at the Pentagon, Vice President Mike Pence detailed the administration’s plan to establish a Space Force by 2020. 

Out-of-touch and a “fake news” fanatic | “‘We Have Done a Great Job’: What Trump Tweeted as Thousands of Puerto Ricans Died”Mother Jones

Slime in the swamp | “Ex-Trump Aide Manafort Pushed A Banker Who Gave Him A Loan For Army Secretary”Task & Purpose

Follow the money … ALWAYS! | “Profit, not free speech, governs media companies’ decisions on controversy”The Conversation

News habits shift | “The New York Times now has 3.8 million subscribers; 2.9 million are digital-only”

tax upset sale

The September 2018 Lancaster County Tax Upset Sale is advertised in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster, at the County Treasurer’s Website, too.

Definition | Pennsylvania Real Estate Upset Tax Sales

Know who you’re dealing with | Lancaster Countian bilked in driveway paving scamFOX43-TV

tomatoesCouldn’t resist | The Produce Geek’s offering this week suggests it’s “That time of year when you have a good-old-fashioned Tomato Sandwich like every other day of the week … maybe even more?”

From today’s POLICE LOG | “WEST HEMPFIELD TWP.: Frank R. Ramos-Colon, 56, of Columbia, was charged with cruelty to animals Aug. 6 for leaving a dog inside a closed vehicle, police said.” – LNP – Always Lancaster

vets for jess

“Military Veterans and their families in Lancaster and York are fed up with the corrupt, pay-to-play political establishment in Washington D.C.” – This tag line appears at the Website: “Paid for by Common Defense / Beyond the Choir Action Fund. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.”

And what is Common Defense? | “Common Defense is a diverse, grassroots organization of U.S. veterans and military family members who are fighting to preserve the core values we swore to uphold and defend.”


  1. Nice thick cut tomato slice with salt and some mayo on bread. Best sandwich, ever although my wife thinks I’m crazy.

    • We don’t – sometimes like to add a slice of a Videlia onion and garden herbs. Summer and fall vegetable treats abound in our part of the planet.

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