Saturday’s news, part 2 [Oh, joy: rain, K-9 for Lititz?, & more] – 8/11/2018

RWNJ elected public servants got their wish, now … | “With Obamacare seriously wounded, politicians seek a healthy way forward” WHYY

Who didn’t know this years ago? | “unqualified, narcissistic and racist”That’s how Omarosa described the pretender in Wonderland in her new book.The Washington Post

Get this lying, SOB off the field | Border Wall “could cost more, take longer and underperform”new report by the Government Accountability Office raises serious issues about poor Trump administration planning that could lead to increased costs.”The Washington Post

wish rain

You get your wish, Phil! | National Weather Service says RAIN TODAY THROUGH TUESDAY.

Happens too much | “Lebanon Restaurant Inspections: Turkey Hill nailed with 8 violations”The Lebanon Daily News

K-9 is expensive | Today’s LNP – Always Lancaster has an article about Lititz’s Police Department’s campaign to resurrect a K-9 program. “The $70,600 start-up price tag includes paying for an equipped vehicle, the dog and training. The department will rely on community donations. After that, annual costs such as food, veterinary care, vehicle fuel and insurance will cost about $9,145, with $4,745 from donations and $4,400 from borough funding.”

Also in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster, a summary of last week’s Columbia School District’s Committee Meeting of the Whole.

cbsd cow

“Monsanto has known for decades that … Roundup could cause cancer” | from this NPR article about a mega-judgment lawsuit.

She’s a piece of work | DeVos Ends Obama-Era Safeguards Aimed at Abuses by For-Profit Colleges” The New York Times 

The Secretary wants to end “worthless degrees” — reckon she reasons that everyone should emulate her path. “DeVos attended private K-12 schools and a private high school (Holland Christian High School) in Holland, Michigan, then went to a private Christian college (Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan).” And she married rich. – Snopes

Recycling: that was then | “For a long time we’ve taught citizens that recycling is free and magical . . . That way has basically gone away.” A quote from this Boston Globe column about the nationwide backpedaling on recylcing.

What happens when you take the law into your own hands | “Man charged in death of teen who was beaten at community park in Elizabethtown”FOX43-TV

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