Today’s news items, part 2 [Library dedication, long read, “war against free press” & more] – 8/12/2018

“208 Locust Street | Work on 208 Locust Street is set to begin. ‘No parking signs,’ scaffolding, and a fence will be installed to ensure pedestrian safety during the facade re-bricking.  Thank you for your cooperation.” – SOURCE: Borough Website

columbia library opening

Yesterday was 8-1-1 | “Pipeline association reminds people to call 8-1-1” KCDB-TV11

Unite the white, er, ah, right rally today | Anniversary in DC – USA Today

Miscreant should resign | “Devin Nunes Is the Exact Constitution-Shredding Miscreant the Founders Feared” The Nation

Monolingual | “Most Americans still only speak English.”BBC


War Without EndThe Pentagon’s failed campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan left a generation of soldiers with little to fight for but one another.”The New York Times Magazine

On August 16 | Editorial comment about the ‘‘dirty war against the free press.’’ The Washington Post

Happens everywhere: protests | “We don’t want our country to be governed by thieves who line their own pockets.”BBC

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