Thursday’s news items [just stuff you almost cannot believe] – 8/16/2018

columbia animal shelterThe Columbia Animal Shelter — now being constructed — has constructed a Website:

GOBAG network helps with getting a job | “Ex-Pennsylvania priest accused of sex abuse got job at Disney World, report says”The Orlando Sentinel

Enola Trail tresspass | This is is today’s POLICE LOG in LNP – Always Lancaster: “MANOR TWP.: Elizabeth Powers-Costello, 51, of Mountville, Brian Bedard, 57, of Lancaster, Jeremy Schwartz, 24, of Harrisburg, and Marta Tsikitas, 22, of Red Lion, were charged with defiant trespassing after they went Aug. 4 onto a section of the Enola Low Grade Rail Trail that had been closed after a rock slide Aug. 1, police said.”

Good going, Allentown | “Allentown solicitor fired one day after being named in the priest grand jury report”The Morning Call

“Catholic Sexual Abuse Crisis Deepens As Authorities Lag In Response” WITF

NOTHING? | “Critics slam Vatican’s ‘disturbing’ silence on abuse cover-ups”CNN

OPINION | “What would Jesus do? Clean house in the Catholic Church.” The Morning Call

A face to the abuse | “Berks woman who testified for grand jury: ‘It needs to stop'”WFMZ69-TV


Kudos; it’s the kind of transparency one expects in a freedom of expression world | This letter-to-the-editor in today’s Lebanon Daily News reflects one person’s freedom of expression and the newspaper is not burying it as many in government are prone to doing:

“LDN has gone downhillPlease consider this constructive criticism. The Lebanon Daily News has drastically gone down hill. The paper keeps getting thinner and thinner. And with all the things going on in the world today, you keep putting human interest stories on the front page; Really? The soccer team stranded in the cave was probably on page 5. Hot new everywhere else. When I made that comment to someone their response was that it couldn’t have been on page 5 because there are not 5 pages to the paper. I am at the point where I check the obituaries and then work the crossword puzzle and I am finished. Paper could definitely use improvement or sell it to someone who cares.” – Sue Levengood, Lebanon 

Another day older & … | “Graduates of these Pa. colleges and universities have the highest student debt”Penn Live

Here’s the most recently posted Borough newsletter

Here’s how one Lebanon County school district paid off its superintendent following a sex toy scandal | “Northern Lebanon superintendent resigning at end of upcoming school year”

District acted transparently; released the document which affords a “transition process that most of us will never get” | “Resignation agreement between Erik Bentzel and Northern Lebanon School District.”

“‘Ten years ago we were addressing blight and foreclosed homes and now we’re addressing affordable housing and a lack of housing stock. know how quickly the world can change and so I think that being resilient is being able to adapt.” And “These are things that I don’t think a city … can afford to continue to suffer in the age of transparency.”- Grand Rapids, MI Mayor Rosalynn Bliss in this article.

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