Saturday’s news items [Jailed nation; fall colors, trolley’s ending schedule; RWNJs & more] – 8/18/2018

August 21 The beginning of a 19-day national prison strike. Incarcerated individuals across the United States will stop working, spending money on prison goods, and, in some cases, eating.” – email, The Masthead

What’s this say? | “The United States locks up more people, per capita, than any other nation.” 


RWNJs target newsA Popular Military Website Is Attacked From the Right: Task & Purpose’s top editor resigned last week after alleging newsroom interference by its CEO to mollify conservative critics.” – The Atlantic

“Cops And Veterans | The Real Problem May Be The ‘Pseudo-Militarization’ Of American Police” Task &  Purpose

They are among us; here in Southcentral PA | “Spending Millions to Stop the Spread of a Destructive Insect Invader”Route Fifty


“Great Plants for Fall Color | These “flowers and foliage plants that do not typically come to mind when we think of autumn color.”PennState Extension

How to help them | “Fall-Migrating Monarchs”PennState Extension

OPINION: “Dangerous demagogue | “It’s Time for a Crusading Press to Fight Back.” – The Intercept

trolley schedule

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