More Saturday’s new items – 9/8/2018


They continue, here and in Lebanon County | “Three county residents lost more than $17,000 to phone scams between Aug. 26 and Sept. 1”The Lebanon Daily News

I’ll show you mine … | Governor Wolf shows federal tax returnWITF

I won’t | “says he doesn’t want workers knowing what he makes” Penn Live

And he’s no friend of LGBT community | “shares meme mocking trans people in leaked text message”The Lebanon Daily News

Comments from a lucid 70-some year old man | “And I’m glad I had a chance to serve.”

Good point! | “Readers can’t anonymously slam Trump, so why can a ‘senior administration official’?”The Los Angeles Times

When permission is required | “Owner of 911 Rapid Response charged for recording phone conversation without permission” The Lebanon Daily News

Take your pick | “Field of Screams in Lancaster County, Pa. – Meet some of the characters” – Penn Live

Casino in York | “Penn National picks vacant Sears near York for mini-casino” – WFMZ69-TV

She’s the … | Arm wrestling champion is “mother of three, the grandmother of five”The Boston Globe


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