Saturday’s news items [council meeting – Monday; no smoking VFWs & more ] – 9/8/2018

Monday’s 7:00 pm council meeting will address items in the Preliminary Borough Council Meeting Agenda” posted at the borough’s website.

On the agenda:

  1.  “Presentation: Healthy Columbia (CHI St Joseph Children’s Health) – Market House Proposal”
  2. “Consider approval for the purchase of 60 street lights/poles from Schaedler Yesco in the amount of $347,000 to be used as part of the borough’s Streetscape Improvement Plan.”
  3. “Consider approval to exonerate taxes for 550 N. Fifth St. for 2018”

cart first

Another item on the agenda:

  1. “Consider approval to initiate the process for hiring one full-time Property Inspector for the Codes Department”

Hasn’t the process begun with newspaper advertising and this notice at the Borough Website?

new activity | Columbia Police Department facebook page

vfw smokingNo smoking | The Pennsylvania State VFW “has developed coalitions, met with legislators and participated in a press event to promote legislation that halts smoking
in all PLCB-licensed clubs, which would create a level playing field. State HQ has also requested that all Posts strongly consider ending smoking inside their Post so their facilities are healthier for veterans of all ages and more family friendly.” – PA VFW News

nap time | D*OTUS: ‘I fell asleep’Business Insider [*Dotard of the United States]

Last nightDONEGAL 50, COLUMBIA 14 – Lancaster Online

chi simplicity

12 medicare



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