More news on Sunday – 9/22/2018

When Junior came to town | State GOP Chair Val DiGiorgio: “Friday’s event broke fundraising and attendance records for the party,” although it occupied one of Hershey Lodge’s smaller ballrooms. – Penn Live

Sexual harassment | Who pays? Tax-paying citizens pay the damagesThe Morning Call

rainy week

“Deadline Alert | 10/09/2018 is the last day to register before the 11/06/2018 election.” – PA Voter Services

Women vs Grassley, et alWomen’s rights activists infuriated by Kavanaugh’s defenders  The Boston Globe

Sexual assault is funSouth Carolina GOP congressman proves his mettleThe (Charleston) Post and Courier

Animal refugees | “Climate change swells ranks … ” – The Los Angeles Times

Flood victims | “Millions of dead chickens and pigs found in hurricane floods”The Guardian

“This isn’t over.” | “Danger remains even as flood waters recede in Hurricane Florence’s aftermath”Reuters

“Once I’m gone, I’m gone” | “He works with the dead for a living”The Boston Globe

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