Tuesday afternoon miscellania [lanternfly; skanky weather; fight like a girl; secret browser & more] – 9/25/2018

lanternfly 2Saw our first spotted lanternfly today. He/she was a dead one – according to the experts, the only good lantern fly is a dead one. This one was on the stairwell in a downtown parking garage in Reading.

rainy day on the highway 3

 Skanky weather day to drive to and from Reading. Rain was fairly heavy and consistent. A dash cam view.


The first time we mentioned www.duckduckgo.com was back in 2014: “DuckDuckGo – “’The search engine that doesn’t track you.’”

DuckDuckGo is a private search engine. It is adamant about spreading privacy around the Internet. However, there is one issue we discovered that raises privacy concerns. Your search terms, while they may be sent over your network in an encrypted form, show up in plain text in browsing history.”

DuckDuckGo, a pro-privacy search engine alternative, raised $10 million last week from Canada’s Omers’ venture capital fund amid growing privacy concerns from Google.” – Breitbart

national good neighbor dat

“Isolation and loneliness affect millions of people, and especially seniors. Thank you so much for taking a minute out of your day to think about what a difference it could make to be a good neighbor.

“Reaching out, spending time, and creating connections are all great ways to help you and your neighbors live longer, more meaningful, and richer lives. Helping seniors who are isolated is one of AARP Foundation’s major goals, and we couldn’t do it without you. But the Good Neighbor ChallengeSM is just the beginning!

 aarp foundationThis message is shared from an email from the AARP Foundation.

nonsense billsA letter-to-the-editor in today’s Lebanon Daily News.


fight like a girl



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