Tuesday’s news items [long, hard winter; going rogue, ghosts; parade & more] – 10/16/2018

wool bearHere we go | the wild winter forecast. All depends on who’s forecasting. This one says “long & hard.” – Penn Live

Preserving the trough | “House vote kills latest attempt to shrink size of Legislature.”Penn Live


From the LNP – Always Lancaster POLICE LOG  | “DUI  WEST HEMPFIELD TWP.:  Anthony Charles Olan, 30, of Columbia, was charged after police said he failed field sobriety tests Oct. 6 near the intersection of Hempland and Stony Battery roads. A breath test showed a blood alcohol content of 0.173 percent, police said.”

Oh, crap. What if they come here? |“rogue killers” The Guardian

“LEGAL NOTICE | The Zoning Hearing Board of the Borough of Columbia will meet on Wednesday, October 31, 2018 at 7:00 pm”Lancaster Online 


17 movie night



  1. So it was rogue killers that are to blame. Sets up the explanation from the Saudi’s. Sort of a deep state action the king knew nothing about. All is well in the Kingdom of Makebelieve.

  2. https://www.washingtonpost.com/powerpost/conservatives-mount-a-whisper-campaign-smearing-khashoggi-in-defense-of-trump/2018/10/18/feb92bd0-d306-11e8-b2d2-f397227b43f0_story.html

    Perfect illustration of why so many distrust the Bozo Post and the rest of the mainstream media. Even the slightest curiosity about Khanshoggi and your a right wing whacko. While accusing President Trump of giving cover to the Saudi’s, they do exactly the same for Khashoggi and his ties to terrorisim and rival Saudi factions.

    So I will admit to being a nut job. Now I’m free to question if the whole thing is a manufactured crisis. I have no trust in the Turkish government; is it possible Khashoggi was a threat to Ederawon(?) also? He hasn’t been a great friend of the press either.

  3. Dunno’, Mr. D … one reason we read newspapers from around the globe is to get perspectives, and maybe real news, in addition to the ones RWNJs refer to as “main stream media.” Most we’ve seen seem to agree: MBS is a bad guy who is being supported by folks with spurious or non-existent moral character.

    Heck, just yesterday the fundie Pat Robertson said it’s not worth risking ties with Saudi Arabia over missing journalist. But then we know that fundies have no moral compass at all.

    Though nobody knows for sure (or is talking at the moment) , the preponderance of evidence seems to signal that the Saudis are likely culprits. There seems to be broad consensus across the world that something rotten, deplorable and outrageous likely happened in that embassy.

    But for the bucks, POTUS will, once again, play for Satan’s team. Besides, POTUS, is right at home with rotten, deplorable and outrageous and playing for Satan.

    • It certainly says something about the value of the Bozo Times and their ilk if we must scour the international press to get real news. At least we have that luxury with world news. There are also multiple sources for national news but when it comes to local news there aren’t even any primary sources. The Merchindeser is every bit as informative as LNP.

      • This site and Columbia Spy try to be local sources; though neither is a for profit endeavor. Each of these news resources do what they do while having other responsibilities, as well. Neither charge for their online publications; both incur expenses in the pursuit of collecting and displaying local news, tangential – but pertinent and relevant – regional, national and international news.

      • Both efforts are much needed and appreciated. I spoke to the borough manager and was stocked to learn she does not read both regularly. Unfortunately, most people’s perception of what “the media” is, is a couple of decades out of date.

  4. Fifteen to one odds are a bit overwhelming and it’s hard to get in a fist fight if you’ve had your fingers chopped off too.

    That being said, I still don’t trust the Turks.

    Will President Trump do the “wrong thing”? Absolutely, but as is usual in the Middle East, there is no right thing.

    First, any disruption of Saudi oil will impact Eroupe and Japan far worse than it will the US. Secondly, any shortage of oil will be made up for by increased Soviet production and increased arm sales by the Soviets. Nothing good about any of that.

    One positive result is our friends, the peace loving French may be able to sell more arms to the Saudis. They’ll sure as heck try.

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