McConnell … this one’s for you!

This one’s for you, McConnell – you entitlement sucking scum.

for you mcconnell

So, the entrenched, entitled rodent from Kentucky now sees that the vaunted tax cuts’and muscled-up military spending are not the reason for the massive increase in US debt?

McConnell, you dipstick, you have the cheek (and the jowls) to say that “Medicare and Social Security, as well as Medicaid” are the sole culprits adding to the unprecedented debt service that’s just arrived.

This five-term, wealthy trough-sucker, who takes so much cash from corporate interests, now wants to wants to take away the “entitlements from millions of Americans” who are not bought and paid for. He has so much disdain for average Americans that he calls these benefits “entitlements.”

McConnell, you rat, get a real job! Find out what life without guv’ment entitlements are like.

But, wait … there’s good news.

good news

RWNJ checks out | Dennis Hof dies, Nevada brothel owner, Assembly candidate”Las Vegas Review-Journal




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