Secretary of State Encourages Pennsylvanians to Request Absentee Ballots Early


Harrisburg, PA – Acting Secretary of State Robert Torres today encouraged Pennsylvanians to submit requests for absentee ballots before the October 30 deadline.

Under the state election code, applications for absentee ballots must be submitted no later than one week before Election Day. For this year’s November 6 midterm election, the deadline falls on Tuesday, October 30. Absentee voters must return their voted ballot to their county election office by Friday, November 2.

“There isn’t much time between the statutory deadlines to request an absentee ballot and to return the completed ballot to the county elections office,” Secretary Torres said. “Pennsylvanians planning to vote by absentee ballot are strongly urged to submit their absentee ballot application (PDF) as soon as possible.”

Absentee ballots must be received in county elections offices by 5 p.m. on the Friday before the election. A timely postmark is not sufficient.

Click here to read this news release in its entirety.

Voting by Absentee BallotIf you cannot go to your polling place in person on election day, you have other options.  Learn about absentee ballots to find out if you can vote by mail.

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