Tuesday’s news items [smart dogs; McCleary is player of the week; legal notices & more] – 10/23/2018

dogs think

Of course | Do dogs understand the words we say to them?Futurity

CEDC’s failure is on the agenda | At today’s Lancaster County Land Bank Authority meeting, this is on the agenda: “RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING THE OPTIONING OF 309-315 LOCUST STREET, COLUMBIA BOROUGH.”

Here’s one description | “Property Description: WOW a great peice (sic) of history! This the deal of the century! This is 2 props for 1 low price! The Historic Columbia Hotel (bar & restuarant (sic) ) plus …” and  here’s another.

Columbia QB

Player of the week | Columbia’s Matt McCleary is interviewed at Lancaster Online. Scroll down to the videos. There’s an article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster, too.

At Millersville University | A presentation: “The Press And Civil Society: Where The Relationship Went Sour And Can It Be Revived?” Wednesday, October 24th • 7:00PM • Lehr Room • Gordinier Hall

LEGAL NOTICES | Columbia’s Zoning Hearing Board will hear cases involving a home business and a children’s day care facility at 401 Locust Street. ALSO, the borough is encouraging folks to bid online for some of its surplus items. You can see the list of items being offered because it’s posted at the borough’s Website. Oddly, but somewhat consistently, though, the Zoning Hearing Board legal notice is not posted at the Website.






  1. Always astute with your observations. Perhaps with the money from the sale of the spreader, video streaming will become a possibility? As the French say, “vive le transparent.”

    Or as they say in Saudi Arabia; o-o-p-s, forgot, they do not say “long live transparency there either.

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