Tuesday’s news, part II [sorry-ass state; gotta’ (work at a social club) or play to win; live streaming, Hinkle’s & more] – 10/23/2018

It happens | “Ex-mayor convicted of selling office faces sentencing”WITF

Not surprised | “Study ranks Pennsylvania 31st in ease of voting” WITF

Connection? | Think there may be a connection between making it tough to vote and getting elected public servants who look out for special interests? Yeah, we do too.

win lotterySeriously, Penn Live? | You gotta’ play to win. 

Sorry-ass state | When “Pence, Eric Trump come to help GOP House Candidate” US News & World Report

Ah, those trusted staffers | Steals $12K from American Legion – ya’ gotta’ love those cash bars at clubs and fire departments! Penn Live

Not a bad thought but how about a brain test, too? | “Bill proposes subjecting PA representatives, senators to random drug tests”FOX43-TV

Wouldn’t it be lovely? | If folks in Columbia could have what folks in Middletown have?Live streaming and on-demand viewing of Borough Council meetings. At this month’s meeting the council borough president announced his resignation.

hinkles tuesday specials

But folks in Columbia have Hinkle’s and folks in Middletown do not.

More “coffee with cops” coming | “The Police Department plans to host three-four “Coffee with Cops” events in 2019 so keep your eye on the social media sites for information.” – Columbia Police Department CrimeWatch page

Road closures for Thursday’s parade | Posted at the Columbia Police Department CrimeWatch page

How cool is this? | “Columbia Mardi Gras Parade is this Thursday @7 pm. Cafe 301, will be open normal hours, but will reopen at 6:00 pm. We will be giving away free hotdogs and treats to children 2-12 (while they last). Come out and enjoy the night with your little ones. We hope to see you! 😃” – Cafe 301 faceboook page

holiday food



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