Saturday’s news items – 10/27/2018

Last night | Elco 50, Columbia 28 – Lancaster Online

Why? | “Authorities also didn’t name the 63-year-old female Lancaster resident who caused the eight-vehicle crash in Lititz that resulted in a student’s death.Penn Live

cola food box

Trade of tyrants everywhere | Condoning political violenceThe Atlantic

Underwhelming | “Republicans nominated underwhelming candidate”FiveThirtyEight

schadenfreude| “Why does other people’s misfortune give us pleasure?Futurity

Who’s buying into fake news? | “Older People Are Worse Than Young People at Telling Fact From Opinion”The Atlantic

what if only

Divided nation? | This FiveThirtyEight article shows views if only certain demographic profiles voted in the upcoming election.

LNP – Always Lancaster POLICE LOG | TAMPERING WITH EVIDENCE, MOUNT JOY: Justin Lee Flaharty, 36, of Columbia, was charged Oct. 17 after he allegedly swallowed a controlled substance to prevent police from finding it, police said.”

Only one? | We saw Mary Auker-Andres in Thursday’s parade. We didn’t see her opponent. But why did the candidates for US Representative make it to the Millersville parade and not Columbia’s?

So … | So why wasn’t the Florida RWNJ charged with terrorism? The Atlantic


  1. It’s called the new American Way. Instead of putting the needed energy into lifting one’s one self to the desired level, we’ve found it takes much less effort to tear down the lives of those around us through intimidation and bullying to make them feel less about themselves. Sad what our society has denigrated into.

  2. I have been bullied and intimidated because I spoke at public meetings to question and voice opposition to how certain tax dollars were being spent. If someone is confident about the ideas that they are presenting, they would certainly be open to hearing other opinions. This is the way it is supposed to work in a democracy. It doesn’t work like that in Columbia. I expect that the intimidation and bullying will continue, because I fully intend to continue questioning and examining every tax dollar being spent.

  3. Bullying, intimidation and denigration – all are the watchwords of a detestable, hate-filled, lying, thieving, unethical, amoral administration in Washington. The screaming pussy-grabber has emboldened not only RWNJs – but also several other government entities – to embrace, as normal practice, a lack of transparency; back-door deals and despotic demeanor.

    “The end justifies the means” is the way of the day. Until it goes away; of course, it will.

    Earlier today, he blamed the victims in Pittsburgh: According to him, ” “This has little to do with it … If they had protection inside, the results would’ve been far better”

    All the while, inciting those at rallies with calls for violence.

  4. Very well said. It seems as if we are going backwards. All gains with regard to transparency are on the line. We must work to protect our “Right to Know.” What resident would want to pay taxes and have no idea what that money is being used for. The slick maneuvers designed to hide the truth for as long as possible cannot continue. It’s up to the taxpayers, they must pay attention, ask questions, and demand answers. Don’t accept a bunch of trendy jargon, ask until it’s clear and understood.

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