Wednesday’s news items, part 2 [voters guide; new pet store; Halloween at the Library; building trust & more] – 10/31/2018

voters guide

Pick up a copy of today’s LNP – Always Lancaster – there are three pages of information about the candidates and the offices that will be on the ballot next Tuesday.

Connected | “Most Older Adults Lived in Households with Computer and Internet Access” US Census Bureau

love of a dog

FALL OPEN HOUSE | For the Love of Dog Wednesday, November 14th, 2018, 4pm – 9pm | Get the first peek at new fall & winter products for your fur-kids! Deals & Treats, Raffles / Prizes / Caricatures. 17 West Market Street, Marietta PA

Noticing higher prices? | “The latest personal consumption expenditure price index, a key indicator of inflation, found the cost of goods increased 2 percent over the past year, which is exactly the goal the Fed set. While 2 percent is low enough that many consumers don’t notice it, there isn’t really a good reason for that exact target.” – MarketPlace

Improving economy | “Surging Economy Contributes to Decrease in Medicaid Enrollment” Route Fifty

31 trick or treet

“BUILDING TRUST | York’s ministers and police chiefs have been gathering quietly every month since 2016. Their goal is simple: prevent racial-fueled catastrophes like Ferguson or Baltimore from erupting here.”Our York Media

Bullying research | “Punishing the bullies doesn’t really help, researchers say. But what does work?” The Hechinger Report

Trend? | “Younger Europeans are tuning out of TV news — but they’re into newspaper websites”Nieman Lab

leaf pickup

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