carrying the torch of one of America’s White nationalists causes.

“America’s not alone. While Trump claimed this week that the U.S. is the only country providing birthright citizenship, that’s not true: At least 35 countries, from Argentina to Lesotho — and including neighbors Mexico and Canada — offer it too. But the U.S. wouldn’t be the first to drop it either. Within the past 25 years, France, New Zealand and Ireland have all dumped birthright citizenship in favor of a policy known as jus sanguinis (right of blood)wherein citizenship is granted automatically only if the child has at least one parent native to the country. Meanwhile, a 2011 Pew Research poll found that 57 percent of Americans oppose amending the Constitution to jettison birthright citizenship.”

“While Trump has talked about it since well before he was elected, the push to end birthright citizenship has long been a cause of America’s White nationalists. But White House officials were reportedly startled by the commander in chief’s announcement, saying it hadn’t been discussed. Opponents of the president have characterized the controversial idea as a way for Trump to rally his base on issues of immigration ahead of next week’s midterm elections.- (SOURCE: OZY)


“SPECIAL BRIEFING | The end of birthright citizenship?” OZY

OpinionTrump’s birthright citizenship ploy is yet another of his attempts to divide and conquer”MarketWatch

What is birthright citizenship? The Economist


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