Saturday’s news items – 11/3/2018


If it’s government — it’ll be over budget | “Manheim Central considers high school renovation not to exceed $40M.Lancaster Online

“3 Reasons Your Project Goes Over Budget and How to get it Back on Track Client Spot

Why Construction Projects Go Over Budget | “Owners usually make three common mistakes, all with simple fixes, during the project’s contracting phase that cause them to have construction projects that are over budget: (1) failing to make sure the architect issues fully complete construction documents; (2) failing to require contractors to review the drawings and specifications prior to bidding; and (3) simply accepting the lowest bid.” – Supplemental Conditions

BEWARE: The GOP has historically slashed taxes | then argued for the need to slash Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security to pay for its tax cuts.”JustCare

Newspaper for sale | “Morning Call owner looking at sale bids from three groupsThe Morning Call


Tomorrow | “Daylight saving time ends Sunday” – OZY

Both sides are doing this | These articles, “People question voting history record flyers mailed to them” and “Political organizations use “report cards” to guilt voters to the polls” are playing this game.

Here is where | You may search for your voter registration status with your Name or your PennDOT Driver’s License or PennDOT ID.

“America’s Moment of Truth | Millions of Americans will vote Tuesday in the first nationwide general election since President Trump’s world-altering upset two years ago. Early voting numbers are high, and Democrats hope that when polls close they’ll have generated a far greater turnout than previous sleepy midterms. Republicans are also mobilizing, stoking fears of neutering the Trump revolution that’s cemented a conservative Supreme Court, declared war on illegal immigration and enjoyed a turbocharged economy. Polls show Republicans losing the House and keeping the Senate, but after 2016’s shocker, all bets are off.” –

rtThis gorgeous Marietta area Riverview Tower property “will become the new home of The Gate House for Women, a 30-bed residential drug and alcohol treatment center,” according to a page one article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

None of us do | “But what I most certainly didn’t want was somebody preaching at me,” writes Hartford Courant columnist, Gina Barreca in this column. She also writes, “Reading complex and well-written works longer than 280 characters is also a way to combat hate speech.”

“Nothing is worth turning a blind eye toward hatred.” | Columbia letter-to-the-editor writer Joe Hemperly writes in his letter-to-the-editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

By the way | Just under three pages of letters-to-the-editor are in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster. The election, this time, is an engaged one. VOTE ON TUESDAY.

8- nifty needles


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