Sunday’s news items, part 2 [improved communications; newsletter; & more] – 11/4/2018

Just got this scam call from this number: 212.244.7539. We never answer calls from callers we don’t recognize. An Internet search showed this as one of the comments about the number: “some robo call, sounded like an asian minnie mouse, couldnt understand a word it said. NOT A GOOD CALL”

State not there yet | Michigan football wanted to run up the score on Penn State – Michigan Live, Ann Arbor, Michigan


A step forward | Though the Borough’s promised upgraded newsletter is still not here, site visitors may notice certain communications improvements. For instance, two of the Market House use proposals are listed:

And these items:

columbia connectionFall Newsletter’s there too | Click on the above graphic to view The Columbia Connection. The Fall 2018 issue is also posted at the Website, but you’ve got to search to find it.


Legibility & readibilty | “Typographic clarity comes in two flavors: legibility and readability. What’s the difference? Legibility is a function of typeface design. It’s an informal measure of how easy it is to distinguish one letter from another in a particular typeface. Readability, on the other hand, is dependent upon how the typeface is used. Readability is about typography. It is a gauge of how easily words, phrases and blocks of copy can be read.” –

Firefighter firestarter | “York County volunteer firefighter arrested, charged with arson”FOX43-TV



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