Today’s news & views, part 3 – 11/4/2018

Name blame | “This hotel took ‘Trump’ out of its name. Now the guests are coming back”The Boston Globe


“Kleptocracy and kakistocracy | In a kleptocracy all high-level government officials are complicit and their priority is to enrich themselves, and use their accumulated wealth to perpetuate themselves in power”El Pais, Madrid, Spain

Decorated, but | punished for lack of training provided The Boston Globe

Fair? No. | ‘They Don’t Really Want Us to Vote’: How Republicans Made it HarderThe New York Times

wanna be

They’re coming (and it’s beginning to look a lot like 1914) | Nationalists around the globe – El Pais, Madrid, Spain

There’s truth | then there’s Trump’s

Polluted water? | Rural America’s Own Private Flint: Polluted Water Too Dangerous to Drink”The New York Times

The economy? | “It booms for some people more than others.”The New York Times

racism pres“Plumbing Trump’s psyche is as productive as asking American Pharoah why he runs. The point is what happens when he does. – Illustration by Christoph Niemann”

“The Fearful and the Frustrated – Donald Trump’s nationalist coalition takes shape—for now.”The New Yorker


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