Thursday’s news items, part 3 [unglued & “uncolluded”; free pet adoptions; freebies for vets & more] – 11/8/2018

Free adoption | “Have you thanked a veteran? Here at Humane PA we want to thank all of our veterans with our Free Pets for Vets adoption special. Saturday November 10th through Monday November 12th, veterans with valid military identification are eligible to have their adoption fee waived. – The Humane League of Lancaster County facebook

other news

Don’t expect miracles | “Why fact checks on ‘fake news’ don’t change minds”Futurity

No accident | “The making of an opioid epidemic”The Guardian

Freebies & deals | “Free meals and deals for veterans and active military for Veteran’s Day 2018”FOX43-TV

Dealmaker dodo | “North Korea, China, and Iran are not happy with Trump’s foreign policy”VOX

We don’t need no stinkin’ “checks and balances” | “Volunteer fire department funding controversy in York County”FOX43-TV

Hitleresque move | The slide to tyranny continues The New York Times

Guess what’s coming | because there’s no collusionThe Washington Post

School teacher praised | Settles matter the old fashioned way; gets support of students and othersThe Washington Post


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