Saturday’s news items [WinterFest; corporate people; PennDOT’s “lessons not learned”; racism] – 11/17/2018

Railroads are people, too | “‘Corporations Are People’ Is Built on an Incredible 19th-Century Lie”The Atlantic

If you’re seeing areas of red, those should be areas that are stirring conversations.” | “Pa. Dept. of Education’s new school profile widens scope beyond test scores”Penn Live

Click here to see Columbia’s Scores. 

tree lighting


17 huckle cat

PennDOT blew it … AGAIN! | “PennDOT answers flurry of criticism for Thursday’s commute chaos”Penn Live

Lessons not learned | Thursday’s snow event was not all that much different than the Valentine’s Day Massacre of 2007, yet PennDOT failed to remember the lessons of the $75,000 after-action report produced by the (then owned) James Lee Witt organization. PennDOT underestimated the situation; consequently thousands of motorists dealt with road conditions that left them stranded for hours and hours.

You’re kidding, right? | “PennDOT said given the circumstances, they’re happy with the way they tackled the clean up from Thursday’s snow storm.”FOX43-TV

“During that seven-hour period (on Thursday) | some 342 accidents or reports of disabled motorists came in. Between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m., calls came in at a rate of more than one per minute.” – Lancaster Online

valentine day

“But … what if it happens during a weather event? Have will it be any different; have we learned anything since the “Valentine’s Day Massacre?” Remember that 2007 PA snow emergency?”– Columbia news, views & reviews, July 2, 2013

Charlie Echo Mike | A Chicago-area fire chief with whom we worked years ago told us incidents as this are CEM’s (military and aviation-speak, Charlie Echo Mike moments). The incident is either a career enhancing moment or a career ending moment. Except, of course, at PennDOT.

Listen up, fundies, evangelists, RWNJs | “Migration helped shape identity of early Christian communities”Lancaster Online

Racists, too | “School District of Lancaster employee placed on unpaid leave after calling former First Lady Michelle Obama a ‘monkey’ on social media.”Lancaster Online

racist facebook

Hot topic | now Cindy Eachus’ facebook page has gone dark. And the comments at the Lancaster Online site have been disabled.

11-17 legal notices

LEGAL NOTICES | In today’s LNP – Always Lancaster

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