Monday’s news items [potato/potahto; fire tax; HARB and school board meetings & more] – 11/19/2018

Today | “Dedication Day – Anniversary of the Gettysburg Address” – And we submit that the DIC did not do more than President Lincoln (or most other presidents) in his first “2 years.”


“You like potato and I like potahto”

potato head

“Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off” | Sadly the ominous lyrics of the Gershwin’s classic are beginning to ominously appear possible.

“But oh if we call the whole thing of then we must part – and oh, if we ever part, then that might break my heart.”

Polarized points | When a POTUS makes ill-advised, sophomoric commentary about California’s forest management and the facts and research say something else, that’s just one example. When the evidence is murderous and the VEEP and the world know it but an out-of-tune POTUS sticks up for the murderer, that is another.

Fire tax

HARB meeting | Columbia’s Historic Architectural Review Board is slated to meet on Wednesday, November 21 at 7:00 pm in the borough council chamber; on the agenda:

  • 357 Locust St.; Paul Snyder, owner. Replace a stucco wall finish on the building’s upper facade with new fiber-cement panelized siding.

  • 224 Locust St; Cimarron Investments LLC, owner. Construct a handicap access ramp across the building’s facade.

  • 401 Locust St.; CHI St. Joseph Children’s Health, owner; LeFevre Funk Architects Inc., applicant. Conceptual discussion of the proposed construction of a three-story, seven-bay addition to the east elevation of an existing three story corner building to include ground-level parking.

School board meeting | Tonight at 6:00 pm and there’s been a change in the agenda. This item (A motion is requested to approve the 309-315 Locust Street properties for potential purchase by the Land Bank) has been deleted from the initial agenda.

juulSOURCE: New York Post

OZ: NO | The Great Juul Heist – “an e-cigarette the size of a flash drive (it charges in a USB port) that’s got 14-year-olds smoking, even in school!”


















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