Tuesday’s news items [good news; Annie never gets old & more] – 11/20/2018

streetscape volunteers

“A Thanksgiving Tradition | Cooking Mishaps That Keep First Responders Busy”Route Fifty

TV news video | “Columbia Market House to reopen” – ABC27-TV

Related article | In an article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster, this is stated: “Before the market opens, the borough will upgrade the bathrooms and flooring as well as improve the heating and cooling systems to allow it to function comfortably year-round. Columbia mayor Leo Lutz said the work could cost ‘several hundred thousand dollars’ and be paid for through a bond the borough issued in 2016.”

“Turkeys | Who Are They, and Why Should We Care?”EcoWatch

Borough holiday hours | Try to find it at the Borough Website or look at the Police Department’s CrimeWatch Pagewhere there’s also a listing of recent arrests.


The above article was an LNP – Always Lancaster article about the accomplishments and vision that Don and Becky Murphy share for Columbia.

A spectacular economic development-like and chamber of commerce-like statement is one of the comments following the online article:

“I am very encouraged by all of the recent transformationsI am seeing in Columbia today. When I purchased and restored the old Bruner mansion on Cherry Street in 1978 I recognized at the time the enormous untapped potential of the community. (How many Lancastrians know for example that the old North mansion at the intersection of South Second Street and Cherry Street in Columbia was the birthplace of Hugh M. North Jr., the founder of the North Museum in Lancaster?) During the nineteen years we lived there I witnessed the creation of the largest National Register Historic in the state of Pennsylvania and the founding of the Columbia Museum of History. The conversion of the old 1852 United Methodist Church at South Second Street and Cherry Street into the Phap Hoa Buddhist Temple that serves a thriving Vietnamese Buddhist community throughout Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania also contributed significantly to the diversity of the community. The arrival of the National Watch and Clock Museum was a important milestone in promoting regular tourist visitation to the community as was the presence of Wright’s Ferry Mansion operated by the Louise Steinman von Hess Foundation on South Second Street opposite Cherry Street. At that time we could only dream of the development of the riverfront trail that has now come to fruition after all these years and its accompanying riverfront visitor center. We also hoped at that time that Columbia might one day become the kind of antiques center that has now actually emerged there. Despite all of these positive changes real estate prices in the community apparently still remain quite reasonable enabling a new generation of young people to buy their first historic home. After restoring more than half a dozen historic homes over the last forty years in Conestoga, Columbia, New Holland, Harrisburg and Lancaster we still look back fondly on our years in Columbia. Nearly every weekend we still take a pleasant drive from Lancaster out to Columbia to explore the latest acquisitions in the antique shops.”

Saddened | We’re saddened to learn of the passing of another contemporary, Fred Funk. Remember’s Funks Farm Market and Garden Center in MIllersville?

annie revise

Order tickets here: https://www.thebelmont.org




  1. My bet is Columbia will spend 1.5+ million on the market house and loose a lot of its character in the process. It is also a great disservice to other restaurants who pay taxes to subsidize their competition. Lastly the idea of a healthy food alternative in Columbia is laughable. But at least, now counsel can get on with finding some way to subsidize a hotel and associated its associated restaurants.

  2. /2 is my tribute to a great American satirist. It shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out. His was an assumed name too!

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