Tuesday’s news items, part 2 [Winterfest: Saturday; letters; fake news; extreme nationalism & more] – 11/20/2018

Letters return | The letters-to-the-editor, ever vitriolic, are back at LNP – Always Lancaster.

“If you hate the media | you’re more likely to be fooled by a fake headline”Nieman Lab

tree lighting

“‘Nothing on this page is real’ | How lies become truth in online America”The Washington Post


In Lititz | You can “Experience the rock star lifestyle”The Lebanon Daily News

beware nationalist political leaders | “Just follow the money!”The New York Times [This is a must read article to get a better understanding of the dangers of nationionalistic thinking: In Bosnia, Entrenched Ethnic Divisions Are a Warning to the World.”]

018_07ATraining with emergency responder teams, Mostar, Bosnia.

2005 – Bosnia | We were in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We saw the divisions and mistrust mentioned in the above New York Times article. This quote is from the article:

“While friction between communities is rare in daily life, Amna Popovac, an activist in Mostar for Nasa Stranka, a multiethnic party struggling to break down barriers, said nationalist political leaders, all of them men, constantly stoke fear of conflict to rally support and avoid tackling real problems. ‘Testosterone plays a big role in our politics,’ she said.”

Note the similar tone in Ms. Stranka’s quote and John Oliver’s here: “Here it comes, warns John Oliver. The continued crawling to a despotic, authoritarian nation.”

We saw the separatism and the thinly veiled mistrust in the faces of the members of fire departments, law enforcement agencies and emergency medical teams with whom we worked. We were in Bosnia and Herzegovina to conduct Incident Management trainings in cities — Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Tuzla & Mostar —across the nation.

We visited the cave where Tito hid during the second World War; we stood on the spot in Sarajevo where Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was shot to death in Sarajevo on June 14, 1914. This assassination, in the name of nationalism, is credited with starting World War I.


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