Learning more at the Kleen-Rite EXPO – CarWash.com

“This two-day event was tailored to the self-serve segment.”


“Kleen-Rite Corp.’s biennial Learn More Earn More Car Wash Training Expo was held in Columbia, Pennsylvania, from Nov. 13-14, 2018. The expo provided operators, particularly in the self-serve segment, with a unique opportunity to network with each other and learn about how to make their washes more profitable.

“On the morning of Nov. 13th, a few dozen attendees gathered at the Kleen-Rite warehouse facility in Mt. Joy, Pennsylvania, where a bus took them on a tour of three local carwashes. Each one was a self-serve carwash that also featured in-bay automatics, but one also featured a tunnel under construction and another featured a completed tunnel in addition to a few other profit centers, such as a truck wash, motorcycle wash and dog wash. Each location provided attendees with an opportunity to see how to make a self-serve carwash unique and offset some of the classic problems these formats have faced in the past.”

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