Wednesday’s news items – 11/21/2018

Think firefighting’s easy? | “The Camp fire burned homes but left trees standing. The science behind the fire’s path”The Los Angeles Times

Gotta’ love it | When a municipality supports its businesses. The City of Lancaster sent this eblast:

“Earlier in 2018, GIANT Food Stores announced plans to open an e-commerce hub at the location of their previous store on Reservoir Street, restoring access to food and jobs to the neighborhood. Hiring has now begun for full-time and part-time delivery drivers, shopping selectors and stock associates, and GIANT has expressed a desire to hire city residents to fill these positions.” This was in the email.


Agree or you’re out | “My book club kicked me out … “ The Wisdom Daily

“Teacher training | Helps kids rein in emotions”Futurity

leaf pick up

Na-a-h, it’s another Pennsylvania town | “How I Talk About My Small Pennsylvania Home Town with Friends from Big Cities vs. How I Talk about It with People from My Home Town”The New Yorker

Visiting with the troops? | That’s for the other guys and what if it’s raining?The Washington Post

so fatCredit – Jens Mortensen for The New York Times

Why Are We Still So Fat?” The New York Times

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