More Saturday news [we are No. 1; 45 thanks killer-friend; Creed II; PA’s regions & more] – 11/24/2018

“Luxury movie theater/ dining | planned for The Crossings” [That’s where Wegman’s is.] – Central Penn Business Journal

Jim Boscov | Why he thinks Boscov’s is thrivingThe Morning Call

Now Number 1 in the US | Lancaster is “the best place to retire in America, according to U.S. News & World Report” – Penn Live

Regions-of-Pennsylvania-1920x1080Regions of Pennsylvania. (Tom Downing/PA Post)

Here they are | “The regions of Pennsylvania, defined by Pennsylvanians” The Pennsylvania Post

They got rid of renters | “The country where 96% of homes are privately owned”BBC


Move here | We’ll pay youThe Washington Post

Oh, thank you, boss, for your killer kindness | POTUS tweet

Low oil prices | May be a bad thing due to weakening global demand.NPR

DIC | Just thinks he’s the smartest man in the world [Begged off serving, but he knows Navy weapons systems.] – The Washington Post

Pipelines risk video | What are natural gas liquids, and what happens if they leak?The Pennsylvania Post

creed II

“more listless and ordinary” | Creed II may be that according to the NPR review, but Rotten Tomatoes fans say it’s a winner

The Gilets Jaunes — the Yellow Vestsprotest fuel tax hikes that bring $7.06 a gallon gas prices in France. –  CityLab [This is a good idea, though: All French drivers are obliged to carry high-viz vests in case of emergencies.]

The Website That Shows How a Free Press Can Die” The New York Times


Pretenders pretend| “Rightwing populists weaponise culture as a way to protect privilege”The Guardian

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