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legal notices

Columbia Spy‘s post about LEGAL NOTICES is important.

Important, because Pennsylvania’s state law on Legal Advertising requirements for municipalities has not changed.

In a May, 2016 Columbia news, views & reviews article, we wrote this:

“Every once in a while, a state legislator throws out a motion to have municipalities use their Websites to publish LEGAL NOTICES and not have to pay newspapers. At this point, these pieces of intended legislation do not get traction. Perhaps because they know that Internet penetration is even less known than media penetration … or they don’t trust the municipalities to be above board and transparent.

“Slippery slope, no easy answers in a new normal of media, reach, penetration, use and whatever.

“What remains, though, is the state law – the one that states that LEGAL NOTICES MUST BE PUBLISHED IN “in either a newspaper of general circulation, a legal newspaper or an official newspaper.”

“Don’t like the laws? Get them changed. Follow them or violate them.”

Previous Columbia news, views & reviews articles about this topic:

“To be able to participate fully in democracy citizens need the ability to contact and interact with their elected representatives and government administrators. | 10-POINT TRANSPARENCY CHECKLIST



  1. Columbia officials enjoy the “feel good” so called “positive” articles that appear in LNP on a fairly regular basis. That’s free coverage and promotion. I’d say they’re getting a very good deal in spite of paying for legal notices.

  2. It would be better if LNP reported real news like the 22% increase in property taxes. Besides, the feel good articles aren’t fooling anybody and would probably disappear along with the legal notices. Truly, fake news.

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