More Tuesday’s news items, part 2 [Protecting predators; no mail today & more] – 12/4/2018

No mail tomorrow | National Day of MourningPenn Live

Primer | “Why the flag is flying at half-staff, and how long it will stay that way”Penn Live

You’ll miss us when we’re gone | “Members of the Randolph Police Department walked a beat on Main Street where everybody knew their names.”The Boston Globe

That’s it, protect those sexual predators | “Names of priests redacted from clergy sex abuse report won’t be released, high court rules”Penn Live

Steals from kids | Teacher gets house arrestPenn Live

4-11 crochet

Ready for a long documentary about being duped? | If you believe in deja vu all over again, and have an hour, you may want to watch this 2016 55-minute video, The Billionaires’ Tea Party: The Tea Party movement has taken American politics by storm. But is this truly a populist uprising or one of the greatest feats of propaganda ever seen? Australian filmmaker Taki Oldham sets out answer this question, finding that behind the movement’s rhetoric of ‘freedom’ versus ‘socialism’ lies a highly co-ordinated network of shadow groups, funded by the likes of billionaire ideologues Charles and David Koch. Are the Tea Party protesters really just pawns in a plan to replace government with a privatized America?”

Yes, Flynn, you’re a disgrace | “Mueller’s office to recommend sentencing for ex-Trump aide Flynn”Reuters

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