Tuesday’s news items [a decent man; ethics violations; Christmas & trains; K-9s & a lot more] – 12/4/2018

president Bush“Sully the dog sleeps next to the casket of the late US President George HW Bush” – SOURCE: BBC

A decent, good man | Nation honors President George H.W. BushCNN

Only those in uniform | And usurpers and wanna’ be’s dare to render the hand salute at a state funeral.

Ethics violations | Lancaster County “elected public servant” is just one of the recent ones cited by the Pennsylvania State Ethics Commission as someone using his elected office for personal gain.  This Commission also cites numerous persons employed by government at all levels for failing to file Statement of Financial Interests forms.”


Request Ethics Training | “The Commission considers its duty to educate public officials/employees, as well as members of the public in general, to be a key factor to fulfilling its duties under the Ethics Act.  Through the Commission’s public outreach efforts, thousands of Pennsylvanians who might otherwise receive no education or training regarding the Ethics Act have been provided guidance in a seminar/classroom-type setting to encourage discussion.”

Take it ’cause it’s there | John Baer’s column: “Pennsylvania lawmakers, judges, others get pay raises — because it’s that time of the year”Philly.com

“Youth sports | Why is it ‘easy’ to steal from Little League, other teams?”app.com

What? Again! | “Former midstate youth baseball treasurer charged with theft” WITF

Model trains and the holidays | Columbia’s Columbia & Susquehanna Model Railroad is one of the featured in this Lancaster Online article.

model trains

“Normal” Christmas | What Do Trains Have To Do With Christmas?”FamilyChristmasOnline

Ice cream & crime reports | Columbia Police Department has both at its CrimeWatch page.

In Steelton | “The borough’s first K9’s “are already proving their worth to the community.”FOX43-TV

taylor studentsIn today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

farrierBeautification | A LEGAL NOTICE in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster is another reason we love Lancaster County. The announcement of a farrier business is something that adds to the uniqueness that is Lancaster County.

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