More Sunday news items, part 2 [Libraries are alive; some Saturday “scenes seen” include dead dolls; real estate speak; park clean-up; revolution & more] – 12/9/2018


Library in the news | The Perspective section in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster leads with a page entitled “Thoughts on the ever-evolving, ever-essential Lancaster Public Library” — though it could just as easily be the “ever-evolving, ever-essential Library” – period. Columns by Evalina Dombrowski, executive director of Clare House and Heather Sharpe, executive director of the Lancaster Public Library, recite the vital and revitalized role of all communities’ public libraries.

The ” … Library encourages collaboration and learning, making it a dynamic place to build connections and interact with others. People gather to engage in conversations about important community issues such as homelessness, immigration, economic development, health and more.” – Heather Sharpe

park cleanupAwesome series of photos at “What’s Happening in Columbia, Pa. and Surrounding Area” facebook page: “Great Day for a park clean-up! Awesome combined effort by the community, the Park Rangers, the Lions Club and our Columbia HS, NHS/NJHS AND Student Council kids (45 kids in total)!”

changed signBusiness for sale | “232 Locust Street , Columbia, PA • Commercial Retail/Restaurant For Sale $259,900.00 – What’s Happening in Columbia, Pa. and Surrounding Area facebook page

wantedRevitalized concept | “In the Post Office”-like wanted posters in the windows at the Columbia Police Department.

disturbingThe building on the 200 block of Locust Street, the one with the disturbing baby dolls in the window is for sale.  See the Kalifornia flick?  Before they became recognizable film stars.

Locust parkingParking spaces along the 200 block of Locust Street were at a premium yesterday afternoon.

Perhaps because most of the meters along Locust Street were flashing no time on the meters. Reckon no parking enforcement might be the new covered meters that other towns have during the holiday period.

parking lotIf only shoppers and downtown visitors knew about the municipal parking lots that are open for weekend parking. And they weren’t filled with a fleet of codes department vehicles.

rampKudos | A handicap accessible Third Street entrance to Hinkle’s Restaurant and Murphy’s Mercantile invites those with mobility challenges.

handicap accessiblePersons with a mobility disability can have real difficulty doing business with businesses that don’t have accessibility ramps. Watching a person with a disability navigating the steps yesterday pointed out the extreme challenge many have patronizing Columbia businesses that do not make efforts to comply with the Americans With a Disability Act.

Americans with Disabilities ActADA Guide for Small Businesses

Emergency medical crews from two of Columbia’s response departments were on the scene yesterday afternoon for a purported cardiac case.

“It’s the Economies, Stupid | The key to understanding the 2018 midterm results — and the future of American politics — isn’t ideology or culture. It’s the different economies of red and blue America.” – The Washington Post

Over 200 years ago | The French Revolution followed the American Revolution. That was then; this is now.





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