More Thursday news items, part 2 [borough’s meeting calendar; the flu; school board meeting agenda; knitters & more] – 1/3/2019

calendar updateAnd there you have it | The answer to the question we asked yesterday is now posted at the Borough Website.

Older & out of touch | The US Congress The Washington Post

The DICs got a friend | In BrazilThe Los Angeles Times

and we elect these people?

Thursday’s agenda | School District Committee of the Whole meeting 

You can’t make this stuff up! | Well. maybe one guy can: The DIC. – The Washington Post

Beauty school dropout is one thing | Beauty school promises are something elseThe Hechinger Report


“Flu declared widespread in Pa.| death count doubles”Penn Live

History repeats? | “H1N1, the same strain that killed over 50 million in the late 1910s, is back. Will another pandemic happen?”Salon

Not in a hurry | “Survey: Millennial renters in no hurry to buy homes”The Morning Call

One of the worst | about one of the worstThe Boston Globe

Tesla tanking? | may beThe New York Times

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