news from other places & sources about other events – 1/4/2018


Going further down a dark path | “US halts cooperation with UN on potential human rights violations” – The Guardian

Life in other despotic nations | Human rights do not existThe Guardian

OPINION | “Celibacy isn’t the cause of the church sex-abuse crisis; the priesthood is”The Boston Globe

southwest napkin

PioneerSouthwest Airlines co-founder Herb Kelleher dies at 87Reuters

Dispute | NH town manager doesn’t like restaurant’s name; says “it’s intended to sound like profanity”The Boston Globe

british army

“Attention, ‘snowflakes’ and ‘me me me millennials’ | The British Army wants you” – The Washington Post

Another underestimated savior | LA Rams general managerThe Los Angeles Times

Can it get worse? | For him, yes! is this opinion. The Los Angeles Times

awesome photosA Palestinian man argues with an Israeli soldier in October during clashes over an Israeli order to shut down a Palestinian school in the town of as-Sawiyah, south of Nablus, in the occupied West Bank.”

Awesome photos | “2018 in pictures: Striking photojournalism from around the world” BBC

One comment

  1. Lots of articles writing off President Trump in 2019. Probably by the same folks who said he would be done in the primaries by Labor Day.

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